White Chocolate with Rainbow Sprinkles Fortune Cookies (Set of 50)


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Unique wedding favors, birthday party door gifts, or appreciation gifts for the ones you love — Everyone loves cracking open a fortune cookie! Each little cookie contains a random standard fortune message on one side, and random 4 digits on the other (texts are in red). See photos for illustration.

Item Details
Plain classic cookie dipped in white chocolate and covered with sprinkles.

There is an option to customize chocolate colour, please indicate upon checkout. While we try to match the colours to what you are expecting as much as possible, please allow for variations in shades.

Choice of sprinkles: round rainbow sprinkles.

Packaging Details
No Packaging: Cookies will be delivered in a single large resealable plastic bag. You are free to do your own re-packing.

Individually Packed: Cookies will be individually packed in heat-sealed transparent wrapper.

Storage notes:
Cookies should always be stored in an air-tight container/bag in a cool, dark place to avoid getting soft. Best eaten within 3 days of delivery.

Dietary notes:
Cookies are Halal certified but chocolate used is not. Product does not contain pork/gelatin.
Contains eggs, dairy, gluten.