Custom Cookies

Custom fortune cookies are a great and unique way to deliver your messages and at the same time give your recipient a yummy treat! Be it for wedding favors, birthday party door gifts, marketing campaign, trade show, your guests will definitely be WOWed!

Now you can have your cookie AND eat it too!


There is a MOQ of 500 pieces.
Orders are now closed, until after Chinese New Year 2024.

3 different ways to customize your cookies


Your brand, your message

Customize up to 60 messages in your cookies, approximately 20 words per message. Less is more! Small logos can be printed too!

Get creative with your very own messages. Inspirational, funny, witty, sarcastic, or just straight up weird — it’s your choice!


Choose your cookie wrappers

Cookies are individually packaged. Choose between the default clear wrapper.

For orders above 8,000 cookies, have a choice to add on your own custom designed wrappers!


Add on gift boxes

Looking for something extra? Take your packaging up a notch with fancy gift boxes per your specifications.