Frequently Asked Questions

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What forms of payment do you accept?

Bank transfer or PayNow.

For credit card payment, there will be extra processing fee charges (indicated at check out if you select credit card payment option).

Are your products halal certified?

No, but ingredients do not contain pork nor lard.

Do you deliver? Are there pick up options?

Delivery is a flat fee of $30. Pick ups are available for free near Queenstown.

What is the return / exchange policy?

Unfortunately due to the customized nature of the product, we do not accept cancellations, exchanges or returns once your order is confirmed.

Standard Cookies

Is there a minimum order quantity?

Yes! Cookies are only available in sets of 50.

What is the shelf life and storage recommendation?

Recommended to consume within a week, can be kept up to a month in ideal conditions. Store in cool, dry, dark conditions to avoid excess humidity.

What are the messages within the Standard Cookies?

One side contains a random fortune message, the other side contains random 4 digit numbers. We do not have a full comprehensive list of messages.

Are there custom packaging options?

If you opt for cookies to be individually wrapped, they come in a clear transparent heat-sealed wrapper with no additional branding. You are free to add on your own branding (e.g. stickers) after receiving the cookies.

What is the order lead time?

Our lead time is generally 1~2 weeks. At times we might be able to accommodate an earlier date, please indicate details in order checkout notes and we will get back to you.

How do I order the Standard Cookies?

Browse our standard cookies collection, in the checkout cart, select your date of pick up / delivery. Once you check out, we will get back to you with payment details and will start processing your order once payment is confirmed.