Dark Chocolate with Rainbow Sprinkles Fortune Cookies (Set of 30)




Unique wedding favors, birthday party door gifts, or appreciation gifts for the ones you love — Everyone loves cracking open a fortune cookie! Each little cookie contains a random standard fortune message on one side, and random 4 digits on the other (texts are in red). See photos for illustration.

Item Details
Plain classic cookie dipped in dark chocolate and covered with rainbow sprinkles (hundreds & thousands).
$42 per 30 cookies.

Cookies are individually packaged in a heat-sealed transparent wrapper.
If you do not need individual packaging, a 10% discount will be given and your cookies will be packed in a large resealable ziploc bag.

Storage notes:
Cookies should always be stored in an air-tight container/bag in a cool, dark place to avoid getting soft. Best eaten within 3 days of delivery.

Dietary notes:
Cookies are Halal certified but chocolate used is not. Product does not contain pork/gelatin.
Contains eggs, dairy, gluten.